AospExtended (AEX v4.5) ROM for LENOVO K3 NOTE

1. Android 7.1.2_r29
2. Merge August security patch.
3. Merge latest CAF Tag in respective repos.
4. Added support for Snapdragon LLVM toolchain (SDClang).
5. Added support for boost framework.
6. Added support for fling velocities.
7. Enable/Disable kill button on notification guts.
8. Improve SlimRecents.
9. Fixed string derps.
10. Fixed In-Call vibrations.
11. Animate icon while locking a task.
12. Fixed Lockscreen shortcut icons disappearing after reboot.
13. Make button long press delay configurable in SmartBar.
14. Fixed layout of system header.
15. Fixed task lock and free form button placement.
16. Fixed Dex2oat.
17. Fixed In-Call timer bug.
18. Fixed reloading of theme in AEX OTA.
19. Fixed theme issues in screen pinning mode.
20. Disable home button wake on devices with sensitive HW buttons.
21. Added Paranoid Android Pie controls.
22. Added check for accidental touch.
23. Added pocket lock and pocket judge.
24. Doze Service: Fallback to tilt sensor as pickup sensor for ambient display.
25. Fixed many memory leaks.
26. Option to block sensor for certain packages.
27. Fixed few NPEs.
28. Increase sensitive numbers support.
29. Updated all translations.
30. Updated AEX Papers.
31. Updated all pre-built packages.
32. Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Install Instructions:
1. Boot into recovery mode TWRP Recommended.
2. Now select wipe – Advance wipe, dalvik cache, system, cache, data.
3. Select install & select downloaded zip file.
4. Install GAPPS and Reboot.

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