CARBON ROM FOR LENOVO K3 NOTE (updated on 29-06-2017)

2017/6/29 – CarbonRom CR-5.1
1. The latest Carbon CR-5.1 source, Android-7.1.2_r17 (NJH47B).
2. Kernel: enable native gesture support.
3. Kernel: new touchscreen interface for gesture.
4. Kernel: enter pocket mode when gesture wakeup enabled.
5. PerformanceControl: upgrade to version 2.1.7.
6. PerformanceControl: New MediaTek settings with Slide and Gesture O and V handler.
7. PerformanceControl: fix a bug in drawer.
8. PerformanceControl: Filter out unnecessary system apps in Freezer.
Install Instructions:
1. Boot into recovery mode TWRP (3.1.1-1).
2. Now select wipe – Advance wipe, dalvik cache, system , cache , data.
3. Select install & select downloaded zip file.
4. Reboot.

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