SUN ROM 4.9.2 DEV 1625 6.0 BASED

1. Fix phone signal is weak in some areas, optimize power consumption. 
2. Based on the latest official 6.0 (1625) elaborate. 
3. New themes, new vision, for your change. 
4. Large optimization, a new generation of Sun system depth optimization techniques. 
5. New SD card file cleanup, smaller. 
6. Add exclusive lock screen settings, support for anti inadvertently switch, lock screen theme switching more convenient.
7. Repair last development version 4.7 Notification Center settings option to display power style English questions. 
8. Repair 1625 official contacts no association life.
9. Optimize memory usage
10. Optimize sound quality, 4.9 really good point. 
11. Default Sun sophisticated version of the status bar, more sophisticated. 
12. Desktop Update music systems applications. 
13. Optimize non-core system-level application support all fast unloading . 
14. More optimization, Xposed framework has been updated to version XP V85.
15. For GAPPS use any of OpenGAPPS.
Install Instructions:
1. Boot into recovery mode TWRP Recommended.
2. Now select wipe – Advance wipe, dalvik cache, system , cache , data.
3. Select install & select downloaded zip file.
4. Install success.
5. Flash Xposed (if needed).

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