1. Based on the latest official stable version of Android 6.0 (1616). 
2. Bottom package for mobile, dual 4G version has been customized.
3. Supports the status bar displays the operators, custom text , and a perfect fusion of the notification bar, enough personality.
4. Multi-task interface supports the display memory usage , total memory, free memory, a glance status, human enough.
5. Added features beautifully curved screen , slide a corner slide, recently used, the most common, gadgets, quick switch, touch of human nature and personality.
6. Designed notification icon size, and the interface is more integration.
7. Optimization too notification bar notification icon , the last icon display incomplete.
8. Fully optimized speed , quick step Charge 35% speed.
9. iFlyTek input method replaced by AOSP keyboard.
10. SUPERSU updated to 2.71 Version.
11. Chinese apps are deleted.
12. DPI changed to 400 and default language changed to English.
13. Some Meta inf changes.
Install Instructions:
1. Boot into recovery mode TWRP Recommended.
2. Now select wipe - Advance wipe, dalvik cache, system , cache , data.
3. Select install & select downloaded zip file.
4. Install success.
5. Install gapps after first boot and allow all permissions for google play services in apps.

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